Decorative Silhouette & Marble Me Pretty Set


Choose any Silhouette decorative candle (Scent & Colour customisable) and a Marble Me Pretty dish for only £14.99!

This candle carries the scent of sweet, delicate roses, meaning your home could be filled with the feeling of love, romance and blessings.

This candle carries the scent of fresh linen, which is perfect for those seeking a refreshing clean scent with subtle hints of powder and musk.

This candle carries the familiar scent of vanilla, filling your home with safe and cozy vibes we all know and love.

This candle carries the scent of fresh mint and rhubarb, which is an aroma associated with crisp and zingy stewed rhubarb with the freshness of mint leaves and a hint of lemon.


Height - 20.5cm 

Burn time - Up to 3 hours (Decorative Candle - Recommend not to burn)

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